BTS 2017 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

I hope your school year has gotten off to a fantastic start! My name is Jody
Holland, and I am President of the Atlanta Chapter of AOSA. I wanted to introduce myself, to invite everyone to our Workshop Series beginning September 9, and to congratulate all those who completed Orff Levels this summer.

I have been teaching Music in Gwinnett County for 21 years now, and being an
active member of the Atlanta Chapter of AOSA is probably the most significant
reason that I still love doing what I do! If you have not yet attended an Atlanta
Orff Workshop, you are missing a chance to rejuvenate your passion for teaching and to learn wonderful new techniques and insights from some of the master teachers in our field. Our 2017-18 Workshop Series starts on September 9 with guest clinician Josh Southard. Josh was one of our Levels instructors this summer, and you don’t want to miss his session! Check out our website at for registration information.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all those who completed Orff Levels this
summer through the Gwinnett County program!

Completing Level I: Ariel Robins, Allison Moody, Angela Kirtland, Arneesa Woods, Ashleigh Memmelaar, Bowen Newman, Brenda Campbell, Calen Johnson, Candyss-Ann Fleming, Casey Hall, Christopher Massie, Clovia Jackson, Daniel Solammon, Damarys Wichowski, Josh DeWitt, Kaitlin Adams, Karen Mullins, Kristen Richard, Lauren Goldfuss, Laurie Plate, Le Gibson, Megan Burton, Megan Gibson, Meredith Dayoub, Mike Rostin, Rachel Plate, Rebecca Ball, Sally Petty, Sara Clark, Sarah Waller, Nikki Peters, Tamika Kelly, and Zulia Diaz.

Completing Level II: Amy Deal, Amy Cook, Blake Wuestefeld, Brandon Marshall, Christy Lueke, Claire Collins, Clayton Duggan, Corinne Klemenc, Erin Oxford, Gina Thompson, Heather Hartman, Jasmine Thompson, Katherine McLaughlin, Kathleen Ingraham, Kathy Danser, Kelly Poquette, Larry Barker, Lauren Pulliam, Linda McCampbell, Lisa Gullion, Lisa Mozgawa, Maisy Pritchard, Marialyce Orr, Melissa DaPonte, Sabrina Mills, Sarah Horstmann, Stacey Williams, Tasha Posey, Tiphanie McClenton, and Todd Hayen.

Completing Level III: Amanda Esposito, Amanda Gardner, Amanda Dodd, Amie
McCaleb, Annelise Evans, Charlton Branche, Courtney Smith, Ellen LaSaicherre, Emily Backus, Ericka Brown, Jennifer Slay, Jody Holland, Joya Harris, Julie Sherman, Lydia Lee, Meaghan Curry, Myra Lynn McCurry, Patrick Hydo, and Rachel Thornell.

Completing Master Class: Becky Alexander, Cindy Clark, Claudia Tschupp Akridge, David DeStefano, Jennifer Sullivan, Jenny Chambless, Kate George, Kelly Mraz, Lisa Hewitt, Mandy Gunter, Marty Parker, Melvin Jordan, Michele Champion, Paula Thomas-Lee, Rachel Cvorovic, Rosemary Pilonero, and Vicky Knowles.

Congratulations, again, to each and every one of you. I can just imagine the
energy and creativity you are bringing to your Music classrooms this fall!

Please join us September 9 as we kick off our Workshop Series with Josh
Southard. I look forward to meeting you!

Jody Holland, Atlanta Chapter President