Orff Schulwerk Training

Orff Teacher Education Course

Cobb County School District is proud to host this AOSA approved teacher education course in the summer of 2024.  Levels I, II, and III and Master Class will be offered. This comprehensive three-level curriculum comprised of pedagogy, recorder, and movement is designed to develop the musicianship, creativity, and teaching strategies of the adult learner.

Orff Certification Program

The Orff Schulwerk approach to music and dance education is based on the educational philosophy and pedagogy of the contemporary composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. The basic premise of the approach is that movement, speech, singing and instrumental playing form an inseparable unity in the music teaching process. The blending of these components contributes to the harmonious development of the child’s physical, social, musical and artistic development. 

To learn more about Orff Certification Programs visit AOSA.org

Introduction to Orff

This course is for those who are wanting to know more about the Schulwerk, but are not ready complete Level I. This a one week course.

Instructor: Tiffany English

Level One

Level I discusses the foundation of the Orff Process. Concepts include how to teach the process and gaining an understanding of the principles of the Orff philosophy. Discuss basic compositions in the elemental style and learn a variety of strategies for teaching an Orff lesson which includes, singing, movement and instruments. Play and teach the Soprano recorder though recorder pedagogy study. Movement class is an excellent resource on how to incorporate movement/dance into a lesson.

Level I Instructors: Jennifer Donovan and Kimberly Collins

Level I Recorder: Jennifer Prestridge

Movement Instructor: Freedom Brass

Level Two

Level II continues the study of the Orff process. There is a strong emphasis on pedagogy, as well as continued orchestration in the elemental style. Learn to compose a variety of accompaniment styles that are suitable for all ages of elementary students. In Level II, you focus on your skills as a recorder player, learning to play the Alto recorder and further your knowledge of movement pedagogy.

Level II Instructor: Josh Southard and Brent Holl

Level II Recorder: Jennifer Prestridge

Level II Movement: Freedom Brass

Level Three

Orchestration possibilities for all diatonic modes (including simple and moving bordun, I-V, I-IV-V, I-II, I-III, I-IV, I-VI and I-VII) are explored in an ensemble setting. Students will also learn principles to create countermelodies. In pedagogy, students will apply Orff process to conceptual teaching. The sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders in a variety of combinations will be studied. Successful completion of Level II is required. The Recorder is an invaluable teaching aid in the implementation of Orff Schulwerk learning experiences. Participants will become competent in playing recorders by ear, from notation, and in improvisation. Movement and dance will also be presented through daily classes. Through guided experiences students will be become more aware of the potential of movement as an expressive medium and dance as an art form. The core of the movement classes will be developmental and creative.

Level III Instructors Maribeth Yoder-White

Level III Recorder: Jennifer Prestridge

Level III Movement: Freedom Brass

Master Level

AOSA approved Master Classes are for participants who have completed Level III. Master Classes are specialized, intense, and focused high‑level experiences. Participants who do not have the background knowledge from the three levels of the AOSA Teacher Education curriculum will not benefit from the advanced ideas being presented in a Master Class.

Master Class Topic:  TBA

Master Class Instructor: Beth Ann Hepburn

Details about the CCSD Course

  • Cobb County School District is proud to host Orff Schulwerk teacher education Level I, II, and III training courses June 3-14, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Class will not be held on Saturday or Sunday, June 8 and 9.  
  • Master Class will be held June 10-14.
  • Intro to Orff will be held June 3-7.
  • For more information about the course and current faculty please visit the Course Website.
Michele Sampson

Michele Sampson

Course Director

[email protected]

The location for the Orff Certification Program classes will be Kell High School in Cobb County.

Kell High School

4770 Lee Waters Road

Marietta, GA 30066